All LCMS districts to convene this year

All 35 LCMS districts hold their triennial conventions this year — starting with North Dakota’s, Jan. 18-21 in Minot, N.D., and ending with Central Illinois’, July 5-7 in Springfield, Ill. Reporter plans to carry a summary story on each convention,…

Faith over fear

The dynamic Luther portrait on the cover of the October 2008 issue was never more penetrating because it cuts through the cults of power and pathogens that confront our world. Blessed by our Lord to have reached 75 years and…

A blessing to the church

Thank you for the great October article on Grace Place! Grace Place is everything the article describes–and more. As a former board member of Grace Place, as well as a parish nurse and a health ministry/parish nurse educator, I have…

Missing a valuable resource

We were disappointed to see the omission of the Q&A section again in the November Lutheran Witness. It is a valuable resource for old and new Lutherans alike. Please do not omit it. It is what we turn to first.…

Trivializing abortion

Robert Droege (“Letters,” November 2008) quite rightly reminds us of our duty to offer aid to people troubled by hunger, poverty, homelessness, and the like. But to set abortion on moral par with these incidental adjuncts to human existence is…

Empty calories

I am reading my November issue of The Lutheran Witness, and what do my wondering eyes behold but a—what? A metaphorical homily-like piece about a cat? I have no quarrel at all with Rev. Genzen, and nothing he writes is…

A moment of joy

It was a great joy to read “Through the Ages” in the November Lutheran Witness. The wonderful centenarian told her pastor something I had learned as a child and my parents before me had also learned. I belong to Grace…

Marriage as God Intended

It’s become clear that ongoing vigilance is required if traditional marriage is to be protected and preserved for future generations.

Not Three, Not Two, but One King

by Rev. Jonathan C. Watt Read Matthew 2. It is a common picture this time of year: three kings, decked out in kingly robes, crowns and all, surrounding the baby Jesus in the manger to present their kingly gifts; three…

Pounds of Love

When it comes to sin, Christ is our eternal weight-loss plan.

Every Picture Tells a (Lutheran) Story

When you picture “a Lutheran,” whom do you see?

What Are Those Lutheran Confessions Anyway?

More than historic relics, our Lutheran confessions identify who we are, connect us to the Church of all ages, and keep the Gospel at the heart of our life and proclamation.

A Historic Heritage, A Distinctive Voice

Lutherans rejoice in being a ‘peculiar’ people, with a distinctive interpretation of Scripture that we use in bold mission to serve Christ.

Living as a Lutheran Today

Receive God’s gifts! Study the Word! Know your doctrine! Tell your story! Share your faith!

On Being Lutheran in 2009

Within the Christian community, Lutherans are unique–peculiar–in the best sense of the word.