United Methodist high court to consider challenges to gay teachings

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  1. Harold Watts says:

    I am very disturbed, and disappointed that they would even consider going against the teaching of the Bible. The WORD of GOD !
    I am a member of 29th. street UMC, Harrisburg, PA. 17110 for almost fifty years !
    I will have to drop my membership and go to a Bible believing church if this happens to our denomination, as it has happened in others already.
    Feeling shame and embarrassment……….Harold IHS

  2. In agreement with Harold IHS – The homosexual community at large is boldly going against God’s Word and are proud of this and could care less about God’s wishes.
    We must love everyone, care for them as best we are able, but we do not have to follow their example or approve of what they do.
    I am currently a American Evangelical Lutheran but have been considering changing, although I do love the congregation I brought my children up in. The members are family. Struggling with the current condition of the world I remain faithful to God along…Loretta F.