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10 Questions with Cantor Paul Soulek

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  1. Delbert Meyer says:

    I am constantly amazed at your special God-given ability to improvise. There is no person alive that can teach that. Pick any hymn and you can make up prelude for that – and switching to melody in the pedal at will – absolutely amazing. Karl Haase, and old CTC professor in his retirement published a book of preludes for each hymn in the old hymnal. I have tried to play some of those and they were almost all the drab same. He had a couple of musical ideas and said them over and over – musically boring. Your hymn introductions are different every time. You should make lots of recordings – so some day someone could write them down and others could appreciate what God has done through

    Continue in good health and keep on serving the Lord with gladness. It shows in your work ( or should I say play?).

    Thanks again for the food and special night at Baileys.

    Mike’s Dad and Mom – Del and Ann Meyer

  2. Rebecca Gross says:

    I love, love, love what you do…when I get to hear it, being from California! You are not just an uber-talented organist. Your love of Christ and gratitude to Him shine through in your personality and “work.” Thank you for enriching my kids’ lives while they attend CUNE. 🙂
    God’s richest blessings! 🙂