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10 Questions with Director of Christian Education Jim Anderson

Comments (5)
  1. Rich Carter says:

    Amen! The privilege of leading in Christian education, of equipping leaders so that lives are transformed by God’s grace in Christ. Thank you for serving and leading.

  2. Tim says:

    A great piece, thanks Jim!

  3. Pat Sebastian says:

    Great insights!!! I remember Jim as the DCE at Zion, Bismarck, ND.

  4. Jim Bradshaw says:

    Thank you, Jim, for your Christ-like servant leadership in DCE ministry these past several decades! The Lord has given you gifts to touch the lives of many, including mine. God bless as you continue to serve His church as a Director of Christian Education!

  5. Melanie Appelquist says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! You and your ministry has been such a blessing to me. Thank you!!!