Did your absentee father make you an atheist?

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  1. Richard Gudgel says:

    It is possible that the reason that some with autism may be atheists, if this is true, is that they did not have a good relationship with their father. Our autistic son, who died at the age of 35 in 2005, had a very close relationship with his heavenly Father.

  2. Paul Steiner says:

    Interesting article….I wonder if Eberhard’s and Harris’ fathers were athiests and, if so, did they have poor relationships with their dads? —or were they suffering the consequences of their fathers’ sins (Ex.20:5;34:7)?

  3. Jason Traxler says:

    Blaming absentee fathers in a society for atheism is only the tip of an iceberg. The real culprit is a permissive society and home life that does not demand personal accountability to others or self. The breakdown of personal accountability allows individuals to behave without justification to a consistently high moral standard – God, in the life of a true Christian.

    We should not fall into Satin’s trap of simple analogy between our earthly fathers and our Heavenly Father. That simple analogy is beneficial only as a starting point. Our understand of our Heavenly Father must include The Creator, The Intolerant, yet, Forgiving Disciplinarian, …… a God whose measure no human is capable of approaching. Unfortunately, many Christian teachers try to put our Heavenly Father into a self defined “box” an then try to simplify the dimensions of that box so it is easier for their followers comprehend.

  4. Dean J. Smith says:

    Hmm. Making conclusions about a whole demographic from a few famous examples? Unscientific, to say the least. It might be a fruitful area for an actual study comparing the parenting received by atheists and theists; but without that it’s cherry-picking. The author found what he was looking for. In science, that’s precisely what we guard against.