Church of England’s alternative baptism liturgy drops reference to devil

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  1. James Vipond says:

    Yes, this new baptism liturgy has its faults, but “physical devil”? What is that supposed to mean?

  2. Jennifer Boberg says:

    If the people being baptized or having their child baptized, don’t believe in the devil or sin, what do they think the purpose of baptism is?
    If they don’t believe in sin, why would they have need of a savior?
    If they have no need of a savior, what is their thoughts on who the person if Jesus Christ is? And what is the purpose of the church?

  3. Chip Johnson says:

    One, among many, reasons I am a satisfied lay communicant member of an LCMS congregation instead of an Anglican priest.

    Thank you, Missouri Synod, for upholding the ‘faith once delivered to the saints’, and providing me a spiritual home!

  4. Janice says:

    If you don’t believe in the devil, sin or the need to repent, why would you bother with baptism in a church anyway?

  5. Gary Schultz, Jr. says:

    Right, because The Church is much better served when convenience of the people is its top priority. We wouldn’t want anyone to feel that they are less than perfect enough for Heaven.

  6. Wally Schiller says:

    Sadly, the world is calling the shots: don’t offend us! use culturally appropriate language!
    When will Christians wake up to his subtle but systematic undermining of the faith? Before it is too late, I pray!