Supreme Court takes up Hobby Lobby’s challenge

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  1. Larry Deaton says:

    I am surprised by the misinformation being spread by Hobby Lobby supporters about this case, including numerous statements that “Catholics oppose the contraceptive mandate” of the ACA. That may be true of the Catholic bishops and one order of nuns. But the National Coalition of American Nuns, composed of 2,000 Sisters from most orders, actually support the contraceptive mandate and have even argued that it is unethical to restrict family planning. The bishops, for good reason, seem to be afraid to take on the Sisters on this issue.

    As for the Hobby Lobby owners themselves, what family of hypocrites! They have invested more than $73 million of the funds of the Hobby Lobby 401(k) employee retirement plan in “companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and drugs commonly used in abortions.”

    When it comes to arguing this case strictly on the grounds of religious liberty, I keep on wondering about whose religious liberty we are talking about? Do the owners of the Hobby Lobby get to be the only people whose religious freedom matters? The National Coalition of American Nuns actually seem to be concerned that the owners of the company are restricting the religious liberty of employees, both Catholic and non-Catholic, who wish to have access to contraception for various reasons. Increasingly, I find myself on the side of the brave Sisters of the Catholic Church.