Pastors opposed to gay marriage vow not to participate in civil ceremonies

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  1. John J Flanagan says:

    Shall I not mince my words? Or shall I take the cowards mantle, as some of these pastors want to do? Shall I bathe my theology and conscience in fraudulent and expedient rhetoric, in warm and rational conclusions, in a dishonest effort to provide an appeasement to forces in our day who have redefined marriage and will not rest until the full social order is compliant? No. I refuse. I am not a pastor, but a mere Lutheran lay person, but I suspect I would have less respect for an LCMS Pastor who signs off on civil ceremonies altogether….the motive, of course, to avoid conflict with the gay Fascists and the intimidation of government anti-discrimination laws enacted to bring the Christian churches of America into obedience to the new moral code.
    Well, then, shall we follow those determined to navigate around the problem of gay marriage and give the church useful ways to circumvent the moral conscience of the Christian living in pagan America? Or….shall our Pastors remember that the early church and the fathers who preceded us endured much persecution and many simply refused to cooperate with wicked government systems. What does a Lutheran Pastor expect? A peaceful life free of spiritual warfare? Perhaps, God is testing us. Will we stand for marriage between one and one woman as ordained by God and simply refuse to do any same sex marriages, and shall we pay the consequences as an expression of our faith and conscience? I pray that in the days ahead, the LCMS and some conservative denominations will find backbones, because in skirmishes and battles of a spiritual kind, courage is required by Our Lord, and those who accept the challenge will find God delivers strength to endure.