Planting a Reformation

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  1. Alan Creek says:

    In many core city areas where neighborhoods have changed there exists many Lutheran churches that are but a shadow of what they were in the 50’s – 70’s. With some help to the existing remnant these could be great places for revitalization and essentially a mission church in an already existing infrstructure.

    The remnant has to be willing and the church at large has to be willing to partner with and support them in many ways. When this all comes together, God will do things beyond the humans that are involved’s imagination!

    I am involved in a ministry like this and am seeing things that bring tears to my eyes. What a blessing!

    1. Alan Creek says:

      I am a member of St. Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis, MO. We are on Facebook if you want to have a look.

  2. Tony Sikora says:

    Thanks Steve, this is exactly what we want to start doing here in MI! But I believe it must be a grass roots sort of thing. District has been sponsoring church plants for decades and it has gotten little fruit. Only missions inspired by God’s Word and Sacraments and a true love for those who don’t know it or have it will move us outside of ourselves and to our neighbors in the hopes of bringing Christ to them. In other words, this noble work must start at the congregational level rather than the district.

    1. Rev. Steve Schave says:

      That’s a very good point Tony, even in the scenario described in this blog, I went through the seminary’s mission formation program, and North American Mission and the district were involved in my first call to be a mission developer, but it was a mother congregation willing to daughter that made it possible. Look forward to hearing more about what you all have going on in Michigan.

  3. Mary Burrell says:

    Thanks Pastor Schave for the article. I must say I stumbled upon it because you quoted my great-grandfather at the beginning. I will continue to pray for the ministry going on in the cities.