The Question of Revitalization

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  1. Indy Newell says:

    Thank you Pastor Wood for your thoughtful words. We need to be the Christ’s light in a broken world and stay the course.

  2. Many good thoughts here. A revitalized church is a church of action in their community. People are called to share, called to action when something is communicated to them that connects them to their calling. Bringing the Gospel to bear on people’s situation and bringing about repentance and a desire to serve revitalizes the soul and the person; but we need to be free in Christ to allow the Gospel to be communicated in many different ways to reach those who are outside the walls of the church.

    All this has to happen in the context that connects the church’s mission with the individual. Paul tells us to be all things to all people. As a church, we often have a problem with that because it challenges our often unchallenged faith. It is no longer about us, about our liturgy, about our hymns; it is about the unchurched, the unserved, and the unknown.

  3. Sandy Short says:

    I believe outreach starts at home with our families and children. Parents should be teaching their children at home. One hour of instruction on Wednesday 9 mo out of the year and a couple hours on Sunday is not enough! We should be educating the youth and rather than shut down schools be adding them to our communities. The Catholic Church figures that out about 20 years ago when their numbers were drastically going down and they have been refocusing their efforts on parochial schools and they are not where they were but growing! This was reported by the demographics specialist from Washington DC in 1996 at the state teachers meeting KS. It isn’t just the Catholic Church, but the baptists and other denominations as well. What do we do in foreign countries as missionaries? Start schools! We as a church have fallen short with our youth and they are leaving like flies. If we want out reach it starts at home in the home and at home with what we are doing in our own churches! We need to sweep off our doorstep and have the attitude of leaders this is what we “get” to do not ” have ” to do and look out but look in at we can and should be doing. Will this take money ? Yes! Will we need faith ? Yes!

  4. Ethan Luhman says:

    Maybe another fundamental question to consider is, “How do we as the Church differ from the culture?” This might just cause us to pause and reflect on our own failings in being faithful to the lives Jesus has called us to, in shaping our own lives after the Gospel we preach. Revitalization might just be us Christians revitalizing our faithfulness to the Word made flesh, who has appeared among us and changed us. It seems like you are almost ready to say, “we need to just be the Church!” And maybe that’s precisely what we are all trying to figure out. This is an issue that we must engage in, and thank you for beginning a dialogue about it.

  5. Ralph Hough says:

    Much of the developed materials and programs are not so much a ‘what’ that the church is suppose to do but rather, answering the question of ‘how’ the church can be a light that reaches the darkened places, whether for our own spiritual needs or to reach the broader community. The materials and programs could also be another way of using what our Lord has given (intelligence and creativity) us by way of communicating the truth in different ways so more people have opportunity to receive the Good News of Jesus for their salvation. As Lutherans our spiritual nourishment is so good sometimes that we become fattened rather than using at as the fuel it is designed to be to serve and reach out to others.