Why Do We Need Them?

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  1. We meet again brother Todd..Grace mercy and peace..I am now living in Minnesota! The role rural congregations that I have served and hope to continue to serve has truly shaped my ministry and our family. Fly Over Country still provides the backbone of our Church of the LCMS and our nation.. I have noticed a new trend bigger and bigger farms but farms run by the new generation of farmers..The Kids are returning to the farms highly educated and determined to bring back all those values they grew up with faith God and Country. I think this is a hopeful sign and something we should rejoice in. For you see the Spirit still is at work even in those rural congregations that seem to be going by the board. Augsburg says..Wherever the Word of God( Law/Gospel) is preached in its truth and purity and the Sacrament is administered according to Christ’s command there is the Church (the body of Christ). The answer preach the Word in season and out of season and the Holy Spirit will take care of the rest..The answer is a return to the Word and The Confessions on the part of Pastor and People and the rest will and God himself promises the return..Isaiah 55..God’s Word will accomplish what it purpose. The last thing Pastors get out of the office and into the fields..Get to know you farmers and their challenges they face everyday. Be Christ’s “real presence”