Adrenaline Isn’t Enough

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  1. Rev. Alan J. Wollenburg says:

    Kind brother: thanks for your post. Been there, done that. The Lord works healing of all kinds. 🙂

  2. Rev. Leif Hasskarl says:

    Marcus; the same thing has happened to me, but I didn’t get serious about getting help until the last couple of years. Progress has been slow with some ups and downs, however I’m making progress. Be encouraged that with God’s help and the support of those around you, you can too. God bless you.

  3. Karen says:

    Ps. 46:10. The note in the Lutheran Study Bible for Ps. 46 is also appropriate, I think. The Lord be with you!

  4. Lauri Trapp says:

    You are in our prayers, dear brother in Christ. Praying God will grant you many more years of serving Him!

  5. Jim Tallmon says:

    Love you, brother. Prayers ascending, that the Great Physician bring you health and grant you long life.

  6. Marcus,
    Sorry to miss seeing you on your trip to Pittsburgh and to hear this news. God is faithful and he will give you healing and a renewed strength. Rest and listen to your body. We’re not twenty somethings anymore. Romans 8:28 is a personal favorite and it gives comfort in trusting that our heavenly Father is always in control. God bless you and keep you! Great blog!

  7. David Morse says:

    Dear Pastor Zill
    Bea and I would like you to know, you are always in our thoughts and Prayers. You are loved !

  8. Jean Gardner says:

    Dear Pastor Zill, You will be in our thoughts and prayers. You are the young boy I remember holding your Mother’s hand walking into St. John.s in Seward, Jesus is now holding your hand and you will be an amazing pastor! Blessings, Jean Gardner

  9. Nancy Hofman says:

    Dear Pastor Zill, Anxiety, ah anxiety. It can hurt us. I pray that you will be able to let go of itt, and take this wonderful life one day at a time, and enjoy i! In 2003, I was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition, and then in 2012 it was diagnosed as multiple myeloma. Anxiety? Yes! And then I thought, “What can I do about it?” I decided to put myself into God’s hands, and do what the doctor decided was best. No anxiety. Love each day, and serve the Lord as I am able. He guides, we follow. Blessings to you! (P. S. You may see our son wandering up and down the halls of the IC.)

  10. Rev. Justin Herman says:

    We will keep you in our prayers at University Lutheran @ Purdue. Thanks for sharing with all of us the need to stop being “Mathas” all of the time & to take time to sit and rest at the feet of Jesus as Mary did. We appreciate your service but even more we appreciate you as a brother in Christ.

  11. Marcus Zill says:

    Thanks everyone for your many kind words and thoughts. I’d respond to them each individually, but I am trying to rest, of course, and I’ve had so many responses privately and publicly that it gets a bit taxing after a while. Having said that, my how it bouys me up to have such wonderful expressions of care and concern, and your prayers are certainly coveted. I am getting the help I need, thankful for the rest that I have received, and am continuing to get, and grateful to God for His continual help and guidance. God be with us all as we seek to be good stewards of the health and vitality our Lord has given us!