Survey: Most Americans don’t see sin in divorce

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  1. I am puzzled by the lack of reference to I Corinthains 7:12-15, Exodus 21:10-11 and the circumstances surrounding the Pharsee and Jesus confrontation on divorce. One must understand the two religious sects: Hillel and Shamai to understand what the actual question was about. Is neglect (abandonment-actual or constructive, such as abuse) a valid reason for divorce? Is there still a marriage if the image has been broken by one party? Such shallow theology as contained in responding to a survey does little good in convering the subject of divorce, as if the conclusions implied in the article are self-evidently valid.

  2. Joanne Nedwick says:

    The only two Biblical grounds for divorce are adultery or desertion

  3. Linda Nance says:

    As a two time divorcee, I have wondered about this subject. Grappling with the abuse in both marriages. One pastor offered his idea, that was to get out of the marriage. I have often wondered should I try again? I have also wondered about just being single. I have friends, but there is a longing for a marriage.