Being the Remnant Church: Take Your Stand in the Land

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  1. steve says:

    I’m reading the article and think the author’s talking about many in the churches that I know.

    “Rather than standing out in ways that attracted unbelievers to the Lord, God’s people blended in and became part of the culture around them.” (This sounds like many within the church)

    “His purpose for the remnant was to do what the people as a whole had failed to do: take a stand in the land.” (So now is this referring to those same churches? The ones whom have twindled down to nothing? The same ones who were referenced previously?)

    Are you saying that we are part of those who: “Now we are reaping what we have sown.”, or “You have been given a privileged place in the remnant church.”?

    It seems like ‘they’, are ‘us’?

  2. Sheryl says:

    Yes, I believe in this case, born-again believers in Jesus Christ (or the church) have followed the way of Israel. We have participated in the darkness of rebellion against God, become enslaved by sin and actively pursue idolatry…even while attending church each Sunday. God calls us to obedience to Him above all, faithful to His Son through the power of the Holy Spirit. Those who resist the conviction of the Holy Spirit will go astray and become friends of the world system and become pawns of the powers of darkness.

    First and foremost I think we need to stay in the Word of God; fill our hearts, minds and spirits with His truth. Love for the Word of God is growing cold, even in the churches. Solid doctrine, teaching and preaching is being substituted for entertainment and feel-good ministries. The truth of God’s Word and His holy presence doesn’t always feel good. God is the premier spiritual surgeon and His pruning of sin from our lives hurts and there is a cost. We may lose jobs, relationships, material wealth and health in the process. But God is good and desires the best for us. The sin that He prunes from our lives would keep us from eternal life with Him. He truly wants what is excellent and best for us…and for the whole world. If only they would accept His free gift of grace.

    I think if we live as truly unapologetic faithful servants to Christ we may be salt and light that may lead unbelievers to the truth and love of Christ. I also believe we may be hated, marginalized and mistreated or persecuted. The consequences are up to God. We just need to stay in Christ and live up to our calling as sinners saved by grace, every hour of every day. It’s impossible for humans, but with God all things are possible. Praise the Lord!

  3. Marie Hanson says:

    Yes, God’s people/church/body have failed. Christ promised the Holy Spirit was coming to convict the world of sin. Heavenly Father forgive us!

    We can ignore the Holy Spirit’s conviction and allow our hearts to grow cold/hardened, and our eyes to be blinded from His truth.

    Or we can live by God’s free gift of faith, trusting in His grace as we prepare for the day of evil. His Word/armor is all we need to take a stand.

    Watch/wake-up and pray…
    In Jesus’s Name, Amen

    His robe is dipped in blood and His Name is The Word of God. (Rev. 19:13)