Commentary: Why Christians should ditch monuments for messages

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  1. Lisa Stapp says:

    Interesting and I do see what he is getting at. He is also not particularly Lutheran, no mention of Word and Sacrament.

    1. Rev. Jeff Patterson says:

      Hi Lisa! Good to see you are still interacting with theology!
      Blessings to you!

  2. Rev. Anthony T. Bertram says:

    Why was this article included in “Periscope”? An Episcopal priest would seem to me to be the last person from whom we should be getting theological and practical advice. His version of the truth imagines a time when we can become again wandering nomads with tents and mobile shrines, as if God never commanded the building of an elaborate and costly structure in which He promised to dwell. Ehrich imagines a Church of the apostles without buildings while ignoring passages like Acts 2:46 and Romans 16:3-5. His vision of the Church might be appropriate if the LCMS shared his version of the “social gospel” as the one we should preach and practice, but we do not. Again, what is the point of including this article?

    1. Rev. Jeff Patterson says:

      Well said. The Jerusalem Temple was hardly a cheap metal building. Rather it was an expression of the faith and sacrifice of God’s people.

  3. Jim says:

    In the town where I live there are 3 LCMS Churches, on any given Sunday Except Christmas and Easter the churches are not even close to be half full. So instead of keeping up 3 Churches wouldn’t it make more sense to close one down and sell the Property. Why keep up 3 buildings when 2 will do, its called cost cutting.