Commentary: The many sins of Newsweek’s exposé on the Bible

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  1. Victoria R says:

    While its is clear that Eichenwald is simply regurgitating the opinions of scholar, Bart D. Ehrman, I wish you had bothered to counter their argument. Having read your opinion, the newsweek article, and several of Ehrman’s books, I would be interested to know what points you disagree on, since your opinion offered no evidence as to why you disagree, only that you find both authors perspective to be arrogant. You mention a “robust and thriving world of biblical, theological and historical scholars who have studied and taught at the world’s leading universities”, but then name none of the scholars, nor any of the evidence that led these scholars to “become even more convinced, not less, about the historical reliability and integrity of the Bible”. I would be interested to read more about the works of these scholars.