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Offering ‘Christ-Centered Services’ with Freedom

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  1. Lee A Phillips says:

    This philosophy should be shouted everywhere! Why can’t Christin based groups be left alone! Look at what the wide open liberals did to Boy Scouts of America!

  2. Robert Bjornstad says:

    In this article the author writes: “Increasingly, Christian and faith-based organizations are facing pressure to provide services without regard to sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity, even if it runs contrary to their religious beliefs or convictions.”
    If we find ourselves in a situation where we have to ask a person’s sexual orientation, marital status, or gender identity before we can be a servant to them, then we might want to ask why. Are we following the way of Jesus? Or are we taking a different path.
    I ask this because Jesus did not ask these qualifying questions before he offered help to those who sought his assistance. Often we are told in the Bible that Jesus had compassion upon people before he had even spoken to them.