Speaking of Rainbows

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  1. scott says:

    the rainbow is very fitting for this landmark decision.
    just as God said I will never destroy the earth, Seems he is saying you will never be persecuted again for how you were born.
    I know this does not help you filll the collection plate but he truly is a wonderful God.
    Grace, Mercy, and Peace

    1. Mark Wood says:

      Scott, please don’t confuse God’s promise to never destroy the earth through a flood because of sin with a promise to never judge individual people for their sin. No such promise was ever made. Indeed, God warns us that all who sin will face His judgment and His Word informs us that it was how we are born — as sinners — that puts all of us under His wrath. The only promise of escape from that judgment is through faith in Jesus Christ. No human court can spare us from the condemnation that we deserve. Only the blood of Jesus can do so. He is a wonderful God full of grace, mercy, and love — as He has most perfectly shown in the giving of His Son for our sins and for our redemption.