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Time to Show Up

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  1. Jena Gorham says:

    I’m disappointed that the LCMS has selected particular sins to try to “Fix” in society.
    A) all sins are equal and put us in the same boat- to single some out as more important issues to address than to address all sin in general confuses the Gospel message.
    B) society is not “fixable”. And trying to fix particular sins distracts both Christians and non- Christians as to what the purpose of the church is. It s not to fix this world- it s to point everyone yo another one.

    Of course we should speak up as Christians. Speak up about God s great love and forgiveness- not misconstrue to the world that all we care about is their behavior and not their understanding of the gospel.
    I’m greatly disappointed in this direction.

    1. It is possible to love the sinner and still stand up for Biblical principles. By not voicing our opinions, we are compliant with opposing views.

      Society continues to decay while we group in churches with closed doors. It’s way past time to stand for the Bible.

  2. Jena Gorham says:

    society “decaying” suggests that it’s getting worse. Society has always been corrupt with sin, since the fall. There is no getting worse than the worst. I did say above that we should speak up as Christians. To me this maneuver being made by the church is a defensive one. It seems incongruent to me with bible teachings.

  3. Rita Rains says:

    I think this is the right direction. We have been silent for far too long. We have allowed the world and its values to come into the church, rather than taking Christian values out into the world as Christ and his disciples did. They shared both law and gospel with those whom they encountered and we should follow their example and do the same.

  4. Jim says:

    A little late don’t you think. I put a challenge for everyone in the Congregation and also put this on face book with a picture. The challenge put in your front window a sign or signs that say. We believe in God Jesus Died for our Sins I got two likes and not a single member put up a sign.

    And as far as abortion, in North Dakota we had a chance to almost eliminate abortion on a ballot. All the churches stated they were against abortion. The only Denomination to put any real money for advertising were the Catholics. $ 189,000.00 plus. LCMS $425.00 and that was from a few Pastors who pooled their money together. So waving flags putting out fliers isn’t cut it. This office should have ben in DC 20 years ago.

  5. Rita says:

    President Harrison has stated that the LCMS will be zeroing in with “laser-like” focus on three issues: 1.) life 2.) marriage and 3.) religious freedom. These issues will squarely align the LCMS with the Republican party. Since we’re going to be getting involved in politics (the first mistake), why not speak up on some other issues as well to correct this “imbalance”: how about advocacy for the poor, for instance? That’s typically a more “Democrat” issue. Then perhaps this wouldn’t look like such a blatant use of the Synod’s resources for the Republican agenda. Instead the LCMS would be a non-partisan voice for public Christianity rather than becoming a cog in the Republican political machine, like American Evangelicalism.

  6. Shauna L. says:

    If we Christians do not speak up for those who have no voice, such as the unborn, the disabled (85-90% of Down’s Syndrome children are killed in the womb), the elderly, who will speak on their behalf? Saying that we “can’t get involved in political issues” because we must focus on the “poor” is ignoring those who have NO VOICE because they were denied life due to our unjust laws. And the LCMS is focusing on the poor – the gospel is being faithfully shared with the poor by LCMS missionaries around the world. Please listen to Pastor Harrison’s webinar and the audio of his speech at the 2015 Life Conference on Luther’s two kingdom doctrine. As Christians and citizens we must act while we have the chance. We must care enough to help our government rule according to reason and natural law, which should align with God’s law since it is “written on our hearts.” Americans have enjoyed freedom of religion like no other place or time on Earth. Our religious freedoms are under attack. Read Alliance Defending Freedom articles to understand the coming persecution: Christians persecuted in universities, HHS mandate, Christian wedding photographers and bakers losing their businesses, sermons of Houston pastors subpoenaed, etc. You may not be directly affected yet, but you or your children will if Christians fail to turn the tide.