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U.S. Church Planting: A New Initiative for the LCMS

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  1. Richard merschel says:

    Quote:“We’re going to plant distinctly Lutheran churches doing distinctly Lutheran missions,” Schave said.
    1. I thought our current churches are “distinctly Lutheran”. If that caused or (no blame) coincided with consistently declining memberships in the last several decades, why would we continue with that? Don’t we need some change, something that is “biblical” , “confessional” or “apostolic” instead of harping on the “Lutheran” label which may carry some demographic baggage? Just asking….
    2. I am encouraged by the Synod resolution to engage Circuits more in the process of missions, mission church plantings, and revitalizing churches that have not kept up. The concept was applied to the Rocky Mountain District several years ago and is catching on in several circuits. Rev. Carlos Hernandez from Synod has helped a lot.

  2. The focus on church planting and revitalization in urban areas is encouraging, as there is a desperate need for both – especially revitalization.

    Can well focused, well connected mission societies be of any assistance with this?

    Al Buckman

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your post. We will be working with mission networks and societies who want to partner with us. Please contact the office of Urban and Inner City Mission at 888-843-5267.

      LCMS Church Information Center

  3. Here in Albuquerque we are greatly encouraged by the help and support we are getting from the new initiative. The Sandia Circuit Forum recently adopted the Southwest Albuquerque Church Plant. Follow us on FaceBook: swabqlutherans.