White Christians now a minority in 19 states

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  1. Rev. Gerald E Grimm says:

    I find this article to be insensitive. Would it not be more important to state what percentage of the various states are Christian. Christians who are not white who read this article might wonder why they are not included in this article. Are the white Christians more important? I question why the Reporter would include this study from the RNS. Though I happen to be a white Christian I spent most of my ministry in cross- cultural ministry where non white Christians out numbered white Christians. I therefore take offense at this article and those who included it the Reporter. I think an apology should be printed in the next issue of the Reporter.

    I would suggest having an article that would have a statistical presentation that would include the percent of Christians of various backgrounds in each state and also the percentage of those of various racial backgrounds. In addition it would be helpful to list the percent in each state who claim no religious affiliation. That would also encourage the Christian community to be involved in outreach ministry in those states.

  2. Jim says:

    Jesus didn’t care what color any one was.