Charismatic movement gains as Church of England sputters

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  1. Herbert Harfst says:

    I think there might be a lesson here for the LCMS.

    1. S. K. says:

      Well, I for one became a Lutheran recently to get away from the charismatic movement. Those churches may draw a throngs of people, but many of those people have no idea what they even believe. Seriously, ask some charismatics about church doctrine or history, they will most likely give you a blank stare and then say something along the lines of “you need to pray about it”. I finally realised they were biblically illiterate when I was in my early teens and quit attending church after spending years being told NOT to read the bible and just let the Holy Spirit lead me. All those churches do is scratch itching ears.
      If the LCMS ever goes Charismatic, I’m out. I want to know God, not just get drunk in the spirit.

  2. Keith Freie says:

    And that lesson is to remain steadfast to the true word of God, not swayed by the move to “modernize or catch up with the times?” I often hear how the world has changed and LCMS needs to change with it. Orders of worship and music can be flexible to a degree. But the reality is the world is no different than it was when Moses led God’s people out of Egypt. Or when Christ died on the cross. Or when the US Constitution was formed. Or when the horrors of WWII were revealed. Or when ISIS burned captive alive in a cage.
    And we need to ensure we worship in God’s truth and purity.