CrossFit, Drive-By’s and Jesus.

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  1. Isaac says:

    I agree! Crossfit is somewhat cult-like and until I had a buddy of mine get into it and become an instructor, I probably would have just written it off as another fitness craze and all of that. Being an exercise science major, I am often a bit skeptical about different trends that pop up like Herbalife (pyramid scheme if there ever was one) or those Vibram toe-shoes (just a fad). So it makes sense that some who haven’t grown up in the Church might see Christianity, and ultimately Christ, as like that in some way, just based on what limited experience they’ve had with Christians on the whole and online. Hoping to be a great friend and at the same time a solid defender of the faith with the nonbelievers I come into contact with. This was an excellent article and I really connected with it.

    1. Amy Gray says:

      Thanks for your comment, Isaac, and your study in exercise science! Blessings to you as you continue to be a great friend and defender of the faith.