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  1. Connie Johnson says:

    Thank you for this information.

  2. Eloise Schwarz says:

    Thank you for sending the Free to Be Faithful Newsletter News. With all of the blasting and overwhelming political and warfare news that surrounds me/us, it’s a wonder that anything good can be found these days. I know there have been assaults on God’s people around the world but not like those just around the corners of our country/state/communities. I pray that these challenging and last days, Christ’s Church’s Triumphant- will prevail and stand the test. The Holy Spirit provides the words and ignites the Truth. We shall overcome. Thank you for all you do. My Facebook has the LCMC postings and I make sure everyone has the opportunity to read/know that is Jesus is our Lord and Saviour.

  3. John Korchok says:

    Religious freedom is the freedom of an individual or group to pursue their beliefs for _themselves_. Religious freedom does NOT give the individual or group the right to determine the beliefs or actions of others, including employees of the group.

    Just as government might legitimately require religious groups that don’t believe in vaccinations for themselves, to provide vaccinations for their employees, the government has every right to require that health measures, including birth control and abortion, be provided for employees of a religious group. The government is not forcing the members of the group to use birth control or have abortions _themselves_, so their religious freedom is not being curtailed in any way.

    1. Rev. Jeff Gross says:

      John, killing a helpless baby in the womb, whether surgically or chemically, is not health care, it is murder. Asking us to participate in the murder of infants by paying for the killings does indeed curtail our religious freedom. You want the government to determine our actions and beliefs under the deceptive title of ‘health care,’ and so coerce us into committing the monstrous crime of infanticide.
      Please have compassion for the babies and their mothers.

  4. Rev. Mark D. Post says:


    First of all, in the realm of the secular, the left hand kingdom, and natural law, the government has no “right to require that health measures, including birth control and abortion, be provided for employees of a religious group.” No such government “right” is ever expressed in our nation’s Constitution. You have a false understanding of the foundation of our Republic — the government does not have “rights,” the people do, nor does the government have any authority to force “religious groups,” people, managers, owners or companies to pay for people’s healthcare.

    In the right hand kingdom (the Church), you err as well. Abortion is not, as you state, a “health measure.” Abortion, except in the tragic instance where the life of the mother is clearly at stake medically should the pregnancy continue, is murder, not healthcare. Not only may a religious group, employer, etc., not be pressured to fund murder, but a conscience held captive to the Word of God actually refuses to do so.

    Finally, your logic and rhetoric needs tidying up. While it is a false premise to first of all assume that a religious group may be coerced by government to provide vaccinations, to then extend this insistence to abortion is a non sequitur.

    I am thankful that you care about important issues, and my hope is that you will engage in a deeper study of our nation’s Constitution, the Holy Bible, and the teachings of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. (Not necessarily in that order).

    God’s Blessings to you,
    Pastor Post
    Rev. Mark D. Post

    1. John Brink says:

      Pretty condescending, Rev. Post. Many intelligent, decent human beings agree with John. And many of those are Christians.

      1. Alex Franco says:

        My Brothers John & John,

        I have to agree w/Pastor Post and Rev Gross. The abortion lie is the secular attempt to dress-up the premeditated murder of a helpless person.

        The U.S. federal govt has limited authority, relinquishing those authorities not specifically addressed in the Constitution to the States. Moreover, I can’t find anything about Govt “rights” in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution (as amended). In fact, I find quite the opposite.

        Our govt is the only one on the planet (so far) that recognizes we are endowed by our Creator (notice not originating from the govt) with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (not its attainment). Please notice the order. A govt that supports abortion clearly runs counter to these rights when viewed from the unborn child’s perspective. Zygote, blastocyst, fetus, child…they are synonymous terms in that they speak about a human. Lucifer tries very hard to delude us into thinking that they are “tissue” having potential for life. This is not so, my brothers. If this sounds condescending, then please accept my apologies and forgive me, that is not my intent. But it is the truth, my brothers.

        God’s word is unambiguous and crystal clear that we are persons (known by Him) far earlier than when others can see us exit the womb. How arrogant of us to assert otherwise, believing only what we see! Lord have mercy on us miserable sinners (of whom I am the chief). We provide Satan entertainment as he laughs at us…watching us argue about whose secular “rights” have primacy when instead we should be closely examining Holy Scripture for the norm of our behavior. Yes, this issue centers around Law…and yes, we succumb to temptations and break the Law (early and often it seems). But, a heart having faith and contrition will realize why the Father sacrificed the Son…because of us AND for us!

        My brothers, think about the child still in the womb who jumped for joy when his mother heard the voice of the mother of our Lord! Life…human life prior to birth! May He forgive our trespasses, though they be many, especially when we fail to defend the defenseless. Praise be to God and the Lamb forever!

        Alex Franco

  5. Darlene Spafford says:

    To my Christian Brothers and Sisters. Very interesting feed here. While I am of the age when you sere sent to live with Aunt Tillie if you became pregnant – after the baby was born, you were never given a chance to see or hold your baby. While I have known very few women my age who
    were in this predicament, those who were are still grieving “giving their baby away.”

    Now to abortion. No question, it is murder. In the perfect world that God created there was no need for medical care of any kind. Satan has always been and always will be the one who causes sin by his deceitful ways. We live in a sinful world and I pray that with proper education and better moral upbringing the need for abortion will disappear. However, in the here and now that is not the case. Again, I have known only a few women who have had abortions. However, I promise you that these women (many in their mid teens whose parents made the choice, not them) have suffered immensely for close to 60 years for having to “lose their baby.” God’s Word is very clear on this – murder! His Word is also very clear “Jesus Died for your Sin and I Love You.” Let’s not get so consumed by political issues and societal issues that we forget God Loves You and Forgives you through the Death and Resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

    For you pastors out there – I know this must be a very difficult situation to counsel a parishioner about. Many feel such terrible guilt they run away from “religion” when they most need “Christ.” Remember, words matter and law-filled rhetoric at this time must be quickly and fervently covered by the Gospel and God’s Love. We have too many broken women because of decisions made by them or for them when they were very, very young. They need the Gospel and the support of Christians so they will fully understand the magnificent Love God through Christ has for them

    For Christian brothers and sisters, please no bible banging and harsh judgement. It is your love and understanding that will make your witness to them be more effective.

    My last comment – I fear that if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, we will lose not only babies but mothers also. Having talked to many nurses and doctors who have cared for patients who had “botched do-it-yourself” tries at abortion, it is heart breaking to see the horror that not only one life, but 2 have been destroyed.

    In Jesus Name, I say God Bless You as you maintain your strength in the Gospel, and let’s have the Church Militant be just as militant on the forgiveness given as we are on the sin itself.