Journal of Lutheran Mission

Journal of Lutheran Mission: Special Edition

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  1. Tobie Hall says:

    I am the stewardship chairman of Messiah Lutheran Church, Keller, Texas and need to begin a new stewardship program. I believe that this publication would be of particular help. How can I get a copy of this particular issue.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. This publication is only available online, and you may click on the “Download this issue” button in the article to access it.

      In addition, here is a link to our Stewardship Ministry page at so you may review their resources.

    2. Ruth Mayer says:

      Is it possible to get a hard copy of the Journal of Lutheran Mission, Dec. 16 issue? If so, what would the cost be?

      Thank you,
      Ruth Mayer

      1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

        Thank you for your comment. The Journal of Lutheran Mission is only available as a download online.

  2. I believe our drop of numbers along with numerous other reasons including God allowing it to happen through His perfect will, is because of lack of unity between its Pastors and with the churches. Unity over such issues as Abortion, Homosexuality, Living together outside marriage, and nit-picky stuff, small that can become big issues like the color of the carpet in a church. God help us both as a church and nation to become once again a church and nation to be ”One (nation) under God!”

  3. Rich says:

    If we (LCMS) bury our head in stats and data (that can be used to the user’s needs), we can justify not addressing the real issues. We make it someone else’s problem and we take no ownership in the problem, and our church body dies. I hold on to the LCMS congregations out there who are growing and moving forward despite our synodical leadership. God’s message will thrive where the Spirit is!

  4. Rev. Rick Pettey says:

    Please, let us stop obsessing over whether we grow in numbers or not. As one who came out of marketing and sales, I am well aware of the panic such statistics can cause. Should we not be concerned about the lost? You bet! How are we to respond. The Word! Preach the Word. And as we go about our vocations we can lend an ear to those who are hurting and speak to them where they are, always trusting in the Holy Spirit to use it for His purposes.

    For the past 30 years I have witnessed our synod become more enamored with statistics. The problem is that when we see decline we then believe we need to adopt “new measures” to bring about growth. God’s Word has something else to say on the matter (Acts 2:47). No better advice on the matter can be had, outside of Scripture, than these of C.F.W. Wather preached at the first convention, ““Whether our Synod gains friends or makes enemies, wins honor or invites disgrace, grows or declines in numbers, brings peace or incites enmity, all this must be unimportant to us–just so our Synod may keep the jewel of purity of doctrine and knowledge. However, should our Synod ever grow indifferent toward purity of doctrine, through ingratitude forget this prize, or betray or barter it away to the false church, then let our church body perish and the name ‘Missourian’ decay in disgrace.” AMEN!

  5. Rich says:

    Well stated, Rick. Thank you.

  6. Rhonda K Young says:

    It will grow again . Give it time. I don’t see many younger parents going to church…give it time.

  7. I like Dr.G. Hawley conclusion: “I thus hesitate to say that the results tell us anything conclusive.” At the same time it inspires us to pray and ask for Lord’s wisdom. What about the statistics related to the spiritual reasons behind? I am from the communist oppression background. No one can destroy the Church, not even all the dictatorship of an atheistic regime could do it. God bless LC-MS.
    (Firstly I should study thoroughly the statistics.)
    John’s Gospel, 10,27-29

    Viola Fronkova, Slovakia