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Helping the Right Way
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  1. Elise Hougesen says:

    It seems to me a good idea to start in one’s own backyard. It is discouraging to see that one of the main reasons my parents in the 1960’s left the Lutheran Church was due to the fact that the Pastor was not interested in taking the young people on hikes, picnics and camping trips. All the youth left and only one was left to take a Confirmation Class, which was cancelled due to lack of young people. Well, some today are being confirmed, however, generally speaking, there are no youth leaders taking 10-19 year old young people on outings. So they sit in Church and perhaps an adult Bible study afterwards and nothing is very directly relevant to them. 50 years and you’d think Lutherans would learn something! Instead, their young people run to the Baptists, who go on missions to build churches in South America, which cements young people’s faith, alright! They join the Baptist churches! And they have lots of activities for growing minds and bodies in the Baptist churches. Everyone in America is so concerned about the rest of the world. What about one’s own yard? One in the hand is worth three in the bush!