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Synod Chaplain Wears Several Hats

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  1. Andy Toopes says:

    How sad that our Synod can’t afford to support missionaries but we can afford a chaplain in a building full of clergy. Does the chaplain have to beg churches for his salary? I feel that this salary could be used to help fund at least one missionary.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. Historically the LCMS International Center (IC) has been blessed with several chaplains who helped plan and supervise all daily chapel services, while also providing pastoral care for more than 450 LCMS employees working at the IC and some other locations.

      As the article states, Pastor Weedon has expanded this to include “organizing and teaching the first unit of ‘Lutheran U,’ an educational offering that seeks to inform Synod employees regarding the distinctions of Lutheran theology, the history of the LCMS and a Lutheran approach to various issues of the day…He also oversees the IC’s Community Chest — a collection of donations from among Synod employees for helping out other Synod employees in times of crisis.”

      The “Network Supported Model” (NSM) model our missionaries use has proven incredibly successful over the years by having missionaries funded by multiple sources so they are not subject to budgetary fluctuations which could adversely affect their service in the mission field. In the end, we have missionaries who are funded in a very fiscally responsible manner, and congregations who are well informed of our missionary efforts throughout the world.