United Methodism’s global evangelical transformation

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  1. Jack & Cindy Maxwell says:

    Perhaps the Methodist church should split into a traditional/conservative and leftist churches as the Lutheran church did with its LCMS and ELCA. As an ex-Episcopalian, I know how frustrating it can be remaining in a church that is going increasingly to the left and staying with it in the hope it will eventually come around. There comes a point, no matter how faithful to the Gospel your individual church maybe, that remaining with it, means supporting it, and supporting it is blasphemy. My point came when a lesbian bishop declared abortion should be considered a blessing. When I brought my outrage to the attention of my Episcopal parish priest instead of expressing support he merely said you’d be surprised what “Christians” believe. This could not be considered in anyway Christian, so we left.

    1. Robert says:

      The ELCA and LCMS are not the product of a split. A minority in the LCMS withdrew, formed a small denomination which then entered into merger with two larger Lutheran church bodies, the LCA and ALC to form ELCA.
      Ethnic immigrant history is a larger reason for the existence of the LCMS and ELCA – the latter now seeing spin offs such as the LCMC and NALC.

  2. Karin Smith Coté says:

    This failure of Christian chuches to be true to the Bible’s teachings has benefited the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod with people from those denominations leaving and coming into LCMS churches where the Bible is still GOD’s WORD and our leaders are remaining strong in our beliefs, liturgy and confessions! Thanks be to God!