‘13 Reasons Why’ Reminds Us to Show Youth Love

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  1. Shelli Haynes says:

    Thank you for this article. It might be a good resource too for churches to bring in speakers in the topic of bullying and the culture that surrounds it, from a Christian and Biblical perspective.

  2. Beatriz Hoppe says:

    Thank you for starting the conversation about this show. I’ve been trying to decide whether to allow my granddaughter (16) to watch it or not-so far she’s not- and to my surprise a couple of days ago even Yahoo published an article against it. You can read it here…




    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. Pastor Lucas Woodford has watched the entire series and read the book, and he is currently preparing a 6-7 session study guide for pastors and youth leaders. We are still working on the details of the study guide; however, we hope to offer it to the church in the very near future. So stay tuned.

  3. I recently posted this on our ministry website:

    It’s a more in depth overview of the series.