Joy in a Beleaguered Church

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  1. Tim Eickstead says:

    We in the LCMS need to realize that God promised His church would prevail. Not the LCMS or any other domination. But, His church – Yes.

  2. Tim Klinkenbeef says:

    Thanks for the blog…interesting that you see joy theologically and they thru the lens of systematics. Seems more like a gift of the Spirit. Can you help me see evidence of where wanting more theology brings more joy? Scripture says there is joy over one sinner who repents. Perhaps mission and the result of mission in terms of winning people for Christ may drive a sense of joy. Just some other thoughts. Thanks for the blog Happy 4th of July.

  3. Dr, John Troutman D Ed says:

    All Christians in all Christian churches will prevail because of their belief and faith in Jesus Christ and others will suffer the ravages of living with the devil. All of us will continue to live, but will do so in different places.