Stewardship Bulletin Sentences and Newsletter Article – February 2017

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    I have recently joined the site for stewardship at Christ Lutheran Church of Ladysmith, VA, to find resources as well as printed material for our newsletter, bulletin, sharing with congregation members, etc. What items within the Stewardship resources am I permitted to use without requesting prior approval? For articles and other text documents you provide on your web site concerning stewardship that do require prior approval, how much lead time is normally required? Is it possible to request and obtain “blanket” permission for bulletin sentences and newsletter articles?

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. All of the resources on the Stewardship webpage are for the use of our congregations. If a newsletter or bulletin sentences are reprinted in a bulletin, we ask that you reference that it is from LCMS Stewardship ministry.