Effective Outreach, Part 2: Effective outreach creates connections with nonchurched people

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  1. Keith Haney says:

    So, Mark what you are saying is that outreach is about building relationships? And the question then becomes what the best way to building authentic relationships with as you name them “Nonchurched people” who are not only unchurched but also disengaged and disinterested is? It can be a bait and switch. You have to want to connect with them because you genuinely care about them as a person not just because you want them to join your church. No strings attached relationships.

    Yes, Keith, outreach is focused on building relationships with nonchurched people (which is the topic of part 3 in this series). While there may be a temptation to use relationship building as a way of manipulating people (which would include using “bait and switch” tactics), effective outreach is built on authentic relationships (again, the topic of part 3 in this series). In the re:Vitality “Connect To Disciple” workshop we teach the importance of recognizing that not every connection will result in a relationship and not every relationship will result in a disciple, yet every stage of outreach is to be valued in and of itself as a faithful work through which we bless other people.