PKs, church work kids, any kids and expectations

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  1. Kathy says:

    And the greatest of these is LOVE.

    1. Yes! Praises to Him Who is Love itself. May we extend it to one another.

  2. Jacii says:

    I am a PK. Quite honestly, I compare being a pastor’s family to that of a military family. They serve just as their loved ones serve. As a PK I have had to sit quietly and listen to people bad mouth my father and feeling it inappropriate for me to stand up for him. I did have an explosion at a voter’s meeting that I’m sure is still being talked about 20 years later. My baby sister was criticized for what she wore with adjectives likening her to a woman of the night. This was done behind her back but loud enough for her to hear. I was criticized for being a typical 16 year old. How do you hate your dad’s employer when it’s the church? But as awful as we got it, we also have received amazing love and care. When my mother passed away in January, our entire church body mourned her with us. They rallied together to take care of my father and make sure he had anything he needed. Their love for our family is demonstrated every day. I’m so thankful, now being several states away, that my father has a church that knows how to love their pastor.

    1. Thank you for your honest insight and perspective, Jacii, sharing both the pain and blessing of life in the ministry family. Both are so significant and acknowledging it with one another is powerful!