The Role of Worship as Comfort in Times of Tragedy

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  1. Mildred Argueta'Smith says:

    Even though I’m not going through a tragedy, I am having a major situation. It’s refreshing to my soul to be reminded by someone of your preparedness and statue that God is with us (me) even at my worse moments. By using the tools that God and teachings have equipped you with, I have been reminded of God promises and Love. Even when we are reaping what we have sewed as I am right now. I’m also reminded and assured that God is with me no matter what I go through, or the cause. I already knew this for I am saved but it’s refreshing to my soul to hear God’s promises and word from someone else. I needed to hear that simple phrase that it’s going to be alright, God’s got me. Thank you and please give me sister a big hug and kiss for me. Please keep me in your prayers that God may give me the finances for this matter.