The secret identity of a pastor’s wife

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  1. Avatar Susan says:

    Our identity in Christ is everything! What we do is not who we are. Child of God—Heidi!!

  2. Avatar Laura Gray says:

    Thank you for this blog!

  3. Avatar Judy says:

    Well said, Heidi!!
    Signed, Judy, child of God.

  4. Avatar Diane Linkugel says:

    Great article! Diane, child of God

  5. Avatar Stephanie Schulte says:

    Stephanie-Child of God!

  6. Avatar Michelle says:

    Child of God that is not perfect but does have feelings.

  7. Avatar Christine Meyer says:

    Thank You! Christine – Child of God

  8. Avatar Trudy says:

    So true. Trudy, Child of God

  9. Avatar Emily says:

    Once upon a time, our principal introduced me to a new mom at our school by saying, “This is Emily; she has kids in kindergarten and preschool here.” I thanked him later for introducing me the way he would’ve introduced anyone else at the school rather than as the pastor’s wife. I don’t think he quite understood why it was a big deal to me, but I was very thankful! Thanks for the article, Heidi- nice work, as always! -Emily, Child of God

  10. Avatar Miriam Wehling says:

    Miriam, child of God

  11. Avatar Jan, beloved and redeemed child of God says:

    Thanks Heidi! You are a wonderful support. I shared this in my non-denominational international Pastors’ Wives Support Group and it was well-liked!
    I like to say my husband is the Physical Therapist’s husband. LOL!
    Jan, beloved and redeemed child of God

  12. Avatar Marie R says:

    Marie, Child of God

  13. Corinne- Crucified with Christ
    (and lover of alliteration)

  14. Avatar Stephanie Bamsch says:

    Stephanie; Child of God