Is he my pastor or my husband? Spiritual care in the clergy marriage

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  1. Patricia Christiansen says:

    My husband is retired now, but we managed to make it work. We both had the belief that we are partners. When I needed spiritual care, I turned to him just as I turn to him in all other areas of our marriage if I needed an ear or advice. If he needed an ear, I was always there for him to listen or make suggestions if he asked. We did not try and separate who he was as pastor from being a husband. 49 years and counting.

    1. Partnership is such a good thing and intentionally asking for care is vital. 49 years is also something to celebrate! Praise the Lord!

  2. Timothy Miille says:

    What if he’s also the Circuit Visitor?

    1. Hi Timothy! Good question. I think one thing this question brings forward is what a healthy thing it is to have relationships among workers and their families in a circuit or region, connecting with at least a few in friendship, mentorship, or intentional care to bring the Word to bear to one another where we are at. I also think this is where the great cloud of witnesses comes in, living life together, caring for one another, suffering and rejoicing together, sharing the Word and Sacraments. It’s so encouraging when spiritual care comes in many forms, always centered and founded in Christ.