State of church planting in America

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  1. Pastor Moe says:

    I love this. We have a church plant with about fifteen families.

    The biggest challenge is support from other churches with resources. There would be more planters if we could get support.

    My wife and I have been doing multicultural plants for ten years and this article is very encouraging!

  2. Alan Turley says:

    Does the LCMS equip pastors to equip lay members to be comfortable sharing their faith?

  3. Marla says:

    I think the saddest thing is that so many Lutherans in the pews do NOT “know” how to share the Gospel of Christ. It seems that “knowing” the Gospel and “knowing” how to proclaim (share) the Gospel must be lost in the sea of Bible “stories” the kids are “taught” in Sunday School lessons.

    Luther had a fervor for Christ’s message. Where is that fervor today? I mean, we DO have THE Truth, right? So what makes it difficult for each of us to tell others about it?

    I think THIS is the issue needing to be addressed today, for the future. And it begins at home, with Dad…