It’s not my job to save the church

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  1. Katherine L. Larsen says:

    This was so uplifting. I think we all are guilty of trying to FIX things that are not within our skill set to fix.

  2. Robert Olson says:

    Christ has already saved His Church. It is our calling as Christ Followers to share the news of God’s love for us exemplified by Jesus the Savior. To me the parable of the sower describes our calling. We are to spread the seed which is the Word. Where it falls is beyond our power. In its simplest form we need only scripture, and a body of believers to work God’s plan for the fallen world. It is the Church in Antioch. However the church has continued to adopt other callings to follow and worship. To name a very few are buildings we cannot afford nor maintain, worship styles, chasing technology, chasing trends in society and banning people from the congregation that do not think, act or dress like we do. I wonder what the church would look like and mean to a fallen world if we simply provided it Christ?

  3. Jena Gorham says:

    Finally! I think this is a really really important, and much needed reminder. I hear so much from church officials about the panic of the “ downward” trajectory of the church. It’s a much needed voice to point out that it is all in God’s hands, and is an illusion to think we are in control of it.