When are we the Church?

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  1. Rev. David R Mueller says:

    Thanks for a fine article, Dr. Wood. I would add this: The Church is *constituted* as the Church when we are “Gathered”, because it is Christ crucified in Word and Sacrament that makes the Church the Church. We cannot be the “Church Scattered” unless we have first been “Gathered” in this way. To be sure, this is what makes this time so difficult, as we pastors and congregations work to figure out how to “gather” properly for the sake of protecting our neighbor’s bodily life and submitting properly to the earthly authorities our Father has placed over us–how to “gather” using technology, but also how we still may be Gathered into the Body of Christ, *through* His very Body and Blood, as well and properly as we can. Nevertheless, we can’t let the “Scatter” part be ignored, either!