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Update from LCMS President Harrison about vaccine mandate

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  1. Arlene Riemer says:

    I’m disappointed that you did not point out that concern and love for our neighbors is a very compelling a reason to be vaccinated. You mentioned that the connection to stem cells could be a reason to be anti-vaccine but you mentioned that Pfizer vaccine’s connection is distant. Therefore I think you could have encouraged people to be vaccinated out of love for one another. Your statement came across as hedging the issue and made you sound like you’re more interested in getting reelected than encouraging people to take care of themselves and their neighbors.

  2. JW says:

    These Phase 3 Trials disguised as Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) are not safe or effective.

    There are no long term peer reviewed studies.

    The VAERS report just showing the reported reactions and death rates is shocking and would have shut down any other Vax.

    Zero test animals survived any of these trials.

    The Inventor of mRNA Dr Robert Malone himself states these are not safe or effective.

    The expedited approval by the FDA of the Pfizer Vax is a bait and switch. The FDA approved the drug “Comiranty” and NOT the current drug Pfizer has on the market for EUA only.
    The reported breakthrough variants is the Vax itself!

    I will answer #2 since the church leaders are cowards and only speak up when it’s time to raise money. Yes. Aborted fetal tissue amd cells were used in the testing and development of these drugs and if you believe Big Pharma telling you well maybe just a little bit but not in the current drugs on the market, well then you probably believe wearing a mask especially alone in a car actually works.

  3. Anne says:

    Mandating an action to “share” one’s own body with institutional third-parties by means of experimental testing and vaccination seems to reach beyond the traditional understanding of the call to love thy neighbor. In fact, it is NOT loving when the vaccination does not prevent transmission of Covid-19 disease. The mandate is a bullying tactic and like the Catholic Church demanding Martin Luther go against his conscience. And FYI, it just came out that Pfizer lied about not using fetal stem cell lines in their vaccines. Makes you wonder what else the ‘powers that be’ are lying about.

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