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Praying for Life

Along with speaking up in our communities, we also have the great privilege of speaking up to the Lord on behalf of others.

Sticks and Stones

Our students, children and confirmation youth can begin to learn the seriousness of persecution even when they’re young. How can we help them?

Shaped by the Cross

So, you are a Christian? Congratulations! You belong to the faith where you are expected to suffer in this life.

A Music All Our Own

We’ve borrowed generously from any and every church whose hymn writers have set orthodox texts of poetic merit to genuinely churchly tunes. But there is a music all our own, a set of hymns that grew out of the heart of Lutheranism itself.

Marriage In God’s Hands

Marriage should be in the hands of God. In fact, it is. Marriage is God’s.

Is There Hope for America?

It is ultimately the Lord, Scripture teaches, Who causes kingdoms to rise and fall; the Potter shapes the clay. And irrespective of their form of government, He blesses when He sees fit, allows bad things to happen and wicked men to prosper, in order to drive people to repentance and faith.

As Simple as Letting God Speak

by Rev. Michael Schuermann “Pastor, isn’t it enough that you just speak what God’s Word speaks and leave it at that?” A faithful and wise member of my congregation spoke these words to me. We had been talking about her…

A Great Privilege

We face challenges, to be sure, but we are blessed with much!

Bridging the Gap

In a time and a society that places little value on the elderly, Christians do well to honor their mothers and fathers in the faith.

Don’t Forsake Us

The Rev. Greg Alms explains how, in forsaking His Son, God the Father gathers us in to receive Christ’s forgiving body.

Melanchthon’s Favorite Passage

We all have our favorite Bible passages. But what were the most loved passages of some of the Reformers?

The Dangers of Complaint

That’s the danger of complaint. We make ourselves God, and it feels so good and righteous at the time, but it never ends well.

Why Build Like This?

God’s chosen means of bestowing saving grace are not dependent upon a church’s art and architect, but one church in Wisconsin found it a true joy to build a sanctuary to express reality.