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Pure Word of God

One is more likely to remain faithful to the basic piety of the Christian religion if he identifies himself with a particular denomination, that is, if he knows what he believes and why.

Gather Up, Bring In

God calls us in; He feeds us and reaffirms His love for us.

O Antiphons: What Are They?

The O Antiphons can continue to teach, enlighten and comfort the Church today.

Parents Are Real Sinners Too

Aside from God the Father Himself, every parent is a bad parent, but not for the reasons you may think.

Spiritual Isolationism

by Andrew Yeager We live in an individualized world. I think back to Church History IV, a class I took at the seminary, where our instructor, the Rev. Dr. Lawrence Rast introduced us to a book Bowling Alone: the Collapse…

Adam and . . . Lucy?

If Christ doesn’t return before, perhaps one day science will take the myth of Lucy as mother of us all and cast it on the pile of dead
fables together with the world’s standing on four pillars on the back of a giant tortoise.

Coexist . . . and Other Prevalent Theological Errors in Northeast Indiana

Tolerance is the new religious culture of northeast Indiana . . . and pretty much everywhere.

Families of the Reformation

The church of Luther’s time had belittled families and “normal life.” Luther exalted them.

Parenting: Emotions and Promises

If we’re waiting for some life-changing emotional experience to confirm a promise of God, we’re waiting in vain.

The Duty of Parents

The duty to teach children is the primary duty of fathers and mothers.

Brings Princes to Nothing

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God and Others

We Christians must be aware that our society is in the process of committing suicide, both literally and intellectually. Once things have come apart, we must again be ready to deliver the God who is for us humans and once again give our culture the source of human flourishing.

Transhumanism: The Danger of Humans without Bodies

Transhumanism promotes uploading human personalities into robotic bodies so that people can live beyond death. But in view of the Gospel promise, the dream of humans without bodies, of our minds being uploaded into robots so as to live forever, seems less like a dream, and more like a nightmare.

Luther’s Catholic Reformation

The early Lutherans were also diligent to keep the traditional practices and ceremonies of the church, as long as these did not conflict with the Gospel of grace.

Broken Vows All Around

God doesn’t break His vows – even if the pastor is a bore and worship is boring.

The Temptation of the Quick and Easy

There is a reason the church gathers as a body, face to face side by side by side one another in the same building. We are created as flesh and blood people. We are not digital ghosts who transmit data. We are men and women who eat and cry and hurt and laugh.