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Steve Schave
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The Rev. Dr. Steven D. Schave is director of LCMS Urban & Inner-City Mission (UICM) and director of LCMS Church Planting for the Office of National Mission. In his work with UICM, Schave oversees efforts to boost revitalization in city ministries that reach out across cultures with the Gospel. He also oversees a national initiative to plant distinctly Lutheran churches, and in those places in the margins, he works to place network supported missionaries.

Running the Race Already Won

Big City Mission wants to keep fighting the good fight and finish the race and keep the faith to help our LCMS urban schools.

Wounds, Scars and Bloody Death in the City: A Good Friday Reflection

– Her first day as our deaconess fieldworker, she rushed to the HUD facility on our campus to come to the aid of an elderly woman who slipped in the shower. The elderly woman’s arm dangled in mangled pieces, she…

A Church Planting Movement

It may sound cliche, or like a sales job, but does the church need a church planting movement?

ALMA Conference Devotion, Jan. 30, 2015, “Loving the Unloveable of the World”

“…spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” we are told by the writer of the letter to the Hebrews. Stirring someone on to serve in good deeds is a noble task and can be achieved by the Law. But to the love the unloveable, that can only come from Christ’s love for you, and is motivated by the Gospel. And it is only by a living, active faith, in love, that a good deed can truly be called good.

Reflecting on the Baptism of Our Lord: Water in the City

Toxins may seep into the water supply of our major cities, just as sin is flowing in deep supply. But the church brings water in mercy for the body and the soul.

The Skeptic Among Us

Neighborhood renewal is a good thing for the church if it is a grassroots effort that does not displace the neighbors we are called to serve. And if done well there is an influx of new neighbors … but how will we engage them?

Planting a Reformation

“Revitalization of the Synod shall come from neither missions nor more synodical power: The Word is the only remedy,” said Friedrich Pfotenhauer. When we plant churches, we plant the Word, and with it we bring reformation to the church at large.

The Death of St John the Baptist Homily

To be a witness today and confess our faith is not for the faint of heart as the account of the death of John the Baptist reminds us. And yet we know that Christ has won the victory over death and so there is nothing left to fear or restrain our confession.

The Hiddenness of Urban & Inner-City Mission

Behind the unassuming pastors, church members, volunteers and programs of our inner-city churches lie hidden gems of love, mercy and hope. See how they come alive in urban centers through the ordinary people who make up these congregations.

Standing in the City

In a once-thriving community, one urban church finds itself facing assaults from the devil, poverty, crime and despair. Brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s time to lace up the gloves and take back our cities.