By Issue

The Lutheran Witness — Interpreting the contemporary world from a Lutheran Christian perspective.

Lutheran Witness: August 2017

In the August issue, we’re seeking faithful answers to some of life’s toughest theological questions.

Lutheran Witness: June/July 2017

In the June/July issue, we’re talking death, dying and what Jesus has to do with both.

Lutheran Witness: May 2017

In the May issue, be encouraged that when it comes to persecution, your Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Lord, keeps all of you, His children, in His mercy through it all.

Lutheran Witness: April 2017

In the April issue, learn from your Savior, who hangs on a cross for you, lies in the tomb for you, and is risen – and returning! – all for you.

Lutheran Witness: March 2017

From climate change to Harambe, Big Bang to genetics, we’re talking science and faith in the March issue!

Lutheran Witness: February 2017

Are the Ten Commandments archaic or are they apropos?

Lutheran Witness: January 2017

This month, we’re looking at life issues—from the moment of conception to the instant of natural death.

Lutheran Witness: December 2016

This month, we’re shattering Christmas myths!

Lutheran Witness: November 2016

This month, as with each November, you’ll see a smattering of numbers and statistics regarding the people and work of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Lutheran Witness: October 2016

In the October issue, we’re focusing on all things Reformation!

Lutheran Witness: September 2016

In the September issue, we learn from women who have gone before us in the faith.

Lutheran Witness: August 2016

In this issue, we rejoice in the joy, comfort and consolation that we share as the body of Christ.

Lutheran Witness: June/July 2016

Get a sneak peek on what will be discussed at this summer’s convention!

Lutheran Witness: May 2016

Bearing witness to Christ – on account of your Baptism and by His grace – doesn’t have to be scary or hard or intimidating. It simply starts and ends with Christ. Join us as we talk all things evangelism.

Lutheran Witness: April 2016

Those questions you have about the faith? They have answers.

Lutheran Witness: March 2016

A 360˚ view of mercy