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Theodore Naether: Planting the seeds of LCMS missions

The faithful labors of the LCMS’s first overseas missionary foreshadowed the tireless service and devotion to the Gospel that would characterize thousands of his successors.

When Jesus ruins Christmas

Up against the glorious reality of Christ’s Incarnation, the “holly jolly” fluff surrounding our cultural celebration of Christmas tends to lose its luster.

Joyfully witnessing

From the angels to the apostles to Lutherans among their neighbors today, the Church in heaven and on earth continues to bear joyful witness to Christ.

Mental health and pastoral ministry

The Holy Ministry does not bubble wrap pastors. In fact, it can compound mental health stressors in ways that many other vocations do not.

To number our days

“When I am at the bottom of my strength. When I am at the lowest of lows. When I am sinking in fear, that’s just where God’s grace meets me.”

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A Lutheran view of Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University offers a lot to shout joyfully about, including becoming debt-free. But how well does Ramsey’s program fit with Lutheran teaching?

The toxic and the true

At the dawn of creation, Adam was the first man to distort real, godly masculinity, and Eve was the first woman to be let down and left hurting by a man’s inability to understand and live out his manly calling. Thanks be to God, the story doesn’t end there.

Love for the least of these

Motivated by the conviction that human life begins at conception and their concern for embryos stuck in frozen limbo, LCMS “snowflake” families have become pioneers in embryo adoption.

Children’s children and the plans of God

From the beginning of the world, God has been creating and gathering for Himself a beloved people. In His wisdom, He designed parents to participate with Him in His creative powers and purposes, bringing forth generation after generation of children — and teaching them to know their God.

The Paschal Lamb and the Angel of Death

For Christians in the Early Church, cross and resurrection were not in opposition to each other. Their Easter worship services and sermons were a celebration of both at once.

Piety vs. Pietism

Though often used interchangeably, the theological terms “piety” and “Pietism” actually have very different meanings. Can you tell them apart?

Hard times for Hollywood (and other news worth knowing)

Reexamine major news stories from a Lutheran perspective with Gene Edward Veith’s new monthly “World Views” column in The Lutheran Witness magazine.

Podcasting: The next frontier?

A radio producer answers common questions about podcasting: What is it? Who listens? And (most importantly) should my church try it?

From chat room to church

Online connections can lead to in-store purchases or in-person coffee dates, but they can also draw people to the Church and to the saving Word of God.

Loving your (internet) neighbor

Given that there are over two billion active users on Facebook alone, the question “who is my neighbor?” takes on a whole new dimension in a digital age.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Looking around at the contrary approaches that other church traditions take to Mary, it’s easy to be confused. How, then, should Lutherans view Mary?