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From the Editor: How Will They Hear?

The May-June 2016 issue of Lutherans Engage the World focuses largely on theological education and the service of pastors and missionaries as they bring God’s Word to the world.

Letter from Rev. Robson: Sending & Supporting Those Who Proclaim God’s Word

Theological education makes an enormous difference in the lives of God’s people, and that’s why the LCMS is so heavily invested in this work around the world.

10 Questions with District President Rev. Dr. Donald J. Fondow

What’s the vocation of district president like? We talked to the Rev. Dr. Donald J. Fondow, president of the LCMS Minnesota North District, to get the answer firsthand.

Grounded in the Word of God

This is a story of two churches in two cities in two very different parts of the world prevailing against discord and strife wrought by Satan.

Through Thick and Thin: Caring for Church Workers in Crisis

When an LCMS missionary was forced to leave his field of service due to the worsening symptoms of his Parkinson’s disease, LCMS Soldiers of the Cross provided a grant to help cover his increasing medical bills.

Global Seminary Initiative Update: Making an Impact in Ethiopia

The impact of the Global Seminary Initiative can clearly be seen in the partnership between The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus.

Infographic: Theological Education Around the World

The Gospel is at the heart of all Lutheran education, and teaching the faith is a hallmark by which the LCMS is known throughout the world. Our international church partners are imploring us to teach God’s saving Word to their pastors and church leaders. They know that well-trained church workers will teach the faith to laypeople, who will tell their families and neighbors about salvation in Christ Jesus.

Pastoral Care from the Pulpit

Preaching is just one of those things that pastors do, right? Two pastors — a younger pastor and a well-seasoned one — discuss why preaching is so vital for the hearers of the Word.

Synod Chaplain Wears Several Hats

Rev. William Weedon is the director of LCMS Worship and International Center chaplain. In addition to ensuring the roughly 300 people working in the IC have the privilege of daily worship and also pastoral care when needed, his myriad other duties extend well beyond the walls of the Synod’s headquarters.

Loving and Serving the Homeless in New Orleans

The Rev. Gregory Manning, pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in New Orleans, says you have to “love them where you see them.” He does this through a robust homeless ministry, which will soon expand with the opening of a new day center.

As a Steward, You Have Rights

Donors are “stewards” of God’s material blessings and a vital partner in the ministry responsibilities handed to us by the Synod at-large. You have rights as a donor, and I’d like to share a few things the LCMS is morally and ethically obligated to do for you.

Lutherans Engage the World: March-April 2016

Bearing Merciful Fruit

From the Editor: Bearing Merciful Fruit

This issue of Lutherans Engage the World tells stories of witness and mercy — particularly the ongoing work through the church and in the home where “trees” are watered and then naturally bear merciful fruit.

Letter from Rev. Robson: Striving and Rejoicing Under God’s Abundant Grace

I love the co-workers with whom I am privileged to labor daily at the LCMS International Center, as well as those in every corner of our Synod and those we partner with around the world.

10 Questions with Professor Ben Freudenburg

Professor Ben Freudenburg of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Mich., talks about why teaching the faith at home is so important.

LCMS Disaster Response Partners with Missouri Churches in Flood Relief

Following flooding across the Midwest in late December, two St. Louis-area congregations have partnered with LCMS Disaster Response to help nearby communities rebuild.