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Movie review: ‘The Young Messiah’

Viewers looking for a true picture of the young Jesus will best be served by searching Him out in Scripture and avoiding this messy, fictionalized concoction.

Movie review: ‘Risen’

The film is respectful of the Christian faith in its consideration of what a nonbeliever would have to “reconcile” should he come in contact with the risen Christ.

Movie review: ‘The Revenant’

Even though the film captures the beauty of the frontier landscape and its bitter dangers and troubles, it is a poor substitute for the book on which it is based, writes reviewer Ted Giese.

Movie review: ‘Spotlight’

The film — about child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church — is a movie of substance that is worth watching, even if it’s painful.

Movie review: ‘Black Mass’

Appropriately cold and dark, the film at its core confronts the nature and consequences of sin.

Movie review: ‘Fury’

At its core, “Fury” is not a sweeping epic but rather an intimate portrait of men in war. And those men are never far from their Christian faith.

Movie review: ‘Boyhood’

This unique film, shot over 12 years, tells the story of a young boy and his family as he grows from boyhood, through adolescence, into early adulthood.

Movie review: ‘Heaven is for Real’

The new movie is ‘heartwarming’ but lacks ‘a heavenly roadmap,’ writes reviewer Rev. Ted Giese.