Black Ministry

Interview with Mary Jones Wise, great-niece of Rosa Young, about the upcoming film titled “The First Rosa”

Mary Jones Wise, great-niece of Rosa Young, discusses the first film documentary about the life of Dr. Rosa Jinsey Young – “the mother of black Lutheranism in central Alabama.”

Interview on the set of “The First Rosa”

During filming of “The First Rosa” documentary in Selma, Ala., the week of Sept. 22, 2014, the Rev. Jon Vieker, senior assistant to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod president, interviews two of the actors playing Rosa J. Young at different stages of her life, Jordan Donegan and Jasmine Gatewood.

‘The First Rosa’ LCMS film project begins with local fanfare

Mayor of Selma, Alabama, George Patrick Evans signs an official city proclamation declaring Sept. 22-28 – when “The First Rosa” begins filming – as “The First Rosa week.”

Newlyweds share ‘terror’ of Ferguson riots; Synod responds with prayer, presence

Amid the racially charged protests in Ferguson, Mo., Lutherans are doing what they can to bring peace.

Lutherans ‘encouraged, equipped, empowered’ at Black Ministry Convocation

Sharing your faith and reaching out to others: black, white, Hispanic — everyone! — was a major focus of the LCMS Black Ministry Family Convocation.

Fall filming planned for Rosa Young movie

Filming for “The First Rosa: Teacher, Confessor, Church Planter” — a documentary about the life of African-American educator Dr. Rosa Young — is planned for Sept. 22-26 in Alabama.

Exist to Witness

Christ died to save sinners. That’s the message that’s changing lives through LCMS Black and Hispanic Ministries.

Black convocation to offer ministry helps for all

The Black Ministry Family Convocation — set for July 9-13 in Kansas City, Mo. — isn’t just for African-Americans.

A Beacon for the Community

The community of Trinity Gardens in Mobile, Ala., has been transformed thanks to the dedicated effort of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church’s pastor and members.

Black Clergy Caucus sets goals, elects officers

One goal is to be more intentional about reaching out to African immigrants. The group also elected a new president: the Rev. Byron R. Williams Sr. of Dallas.

Black Ministry Convo set for July in Kansas City

Lutherans interested and involved in black ministry are invited to attend the Black Ministry Family Convocation, July 9-13 in Kansas City, Mo.

Commentary: Black History Month — a look back, forward

How did the LCMS begin its black ministry, and what lies ahead? The Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray Jr. shares his insights.

Gray installed as director of LCMS Black Ministry

“We are looking to you for leadership,” Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison tells Rev. Roosevelt Gray at his Jan. 7 installation service in St. Louis.

Gray begins work as director of Black Ministry

The Rev. Roosevelt Gray Jr. begins work as director of the ministry serving predominantly black communities and African immigrants.

Culture Shifts in the U.S., God’s Word Stands Firm

Black Ministry in the LCMS began in 1877, only 30 years after the Synod was formed. Though the way this ministry operates has changed over the years, the need for it has not.

Present with the Gospel

Since 1877, the LCMS has provided assistance and networking opportunities to districts, congregations and organizations seeking to reach out to the black population in the U.S. Today this work is carried out by LCMS Black Ministry and dedicated people like Rev. C. Robert Malone Sr., who serves as an urban missionary pastor to Kansas City’s minority populations.