Methodists to discuss LGBT issues — again

Should the church’s ban on same-sex marriage be upheld? Methodists from around the world will discuss that and other issues at their May 10-20 General Conference in Portland.

Pastors opposed to gay marriage vow not to participate in civil ceremonies

“First Things,” a conservative religious publication, launches a movement encouraging pastors to refuse to perform marriages as representatives of the state.

Gay marriage hits major bump in federal appeals court

The same-sex marriage movement loses its first major case in a federal appeals court Nov. 6 after a lengthy string of victories.

Cardinals: Vatican isn’t changing teaching on gays, divorced Catholics

A day after signaling a warmer embrace of gays and divorced Catholics, conservative cardinals say church teaching won’t change.

Vatican stuns Catholic world with greater openness toward gays

The world’s Catholic bishops signal a move toward greater tolerance of gays and lesbians.

Baptizing children of gay couples — new battleground?

Despite campaigns against same-sex marriage, Catholic leaders have avoided doing anything to block gay couples from having their children baptized.

Thousands rally in D.C. for traditional marriage

Chants of “one man, one woman” ring out on the Capitol lawn June 19 as several thousand people take part in the March for Marriage.

Presbyterians vote to allow gay marriage

The Presbyterian Church (USA) votes to allow gay and lesbian weddings, making it among the largest Christian denominations to take an embracing step toward same-sex marriage.

Christian lawyers in Kenya oppose transgender name change

A transgender person who has sued the government to be recognized as a woman fights a group of Christian lawyers who are opposed to her petition.