Commentary: Christianity’s new look on gays

Some conservative Christians say orthodox believers can support lifelong, monogamous gay relationships without undermining their commitment to biblical authority.

Conservative Methodists: Divide over sexuality ‘irreconcilable’

Is the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination facing a split because of an inability to resolve disputes about sexuality and church doctrine?

Pope: Traditional marriage an icon of God’s love

Pope Francis stresses the importance of marriage between a man and a woman at his general audience at the Vatican on April 2.

Catholic chaplains given marching orders barring service to gay couples

Catholic military chaplains cannot be forced to witness or bless a same-sex marriage, nor are they allowed to take part in any marriage counseling retreats open to gay couples.

Conservatives promote House bill to protect opponents of gay marriage

Conservatives are rallying around a House bill designed to protect religious people who advocate for traditional marriage — a belief, they say, that is held in increasing contempt.

United Methodist high court to consider challenges to gay teachings

The top court of the United Methodist Church is set to consider rulings challenging church teaching on homosexuality.

Analysis: Anglican Communion faces troubled waters

Some say current proposals for a new Anglican Communion covenant don’t go far enough to heal the conflict over homosexuality.

Gay rights vs. religious rights: 7 issues to watch

The rights of religious groups or individuals that object to same-sex marriage continue to clash with those pursued by gay-rights advocates.

Princeton prof to LCMS: Promote biblical marriage

Princeton University law professor Dr. Robert P. George addresses some 175 pastors, church workers and lay leaders at the “Speaking the Truth in Love: A Compassionate Response to Same-Sex Attraction and Same-Sex Marriage” conference in Mundelein, Ill.

Conservatives vow suit over N.J. gay conversion law

Licensed therapists are banned from using conversion therapy to try to change a child’s sexual orientation from gay to straight under a bill signed Aug. 19 by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Opponents to Boy Scouts policy to launch alternative

A fledgling organization that opposed the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to accept openly gay Scouts announces July 9 it will launch an alternative group with a Christian worldview.

Africans reject Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality

Religious leaders in Africa strongly rebuke President Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality, suggesting it’s the reason why he received a less-than-warm welcome during a recent trip to the continent.

LCMS responds to Supreme Court ruling in marriage case

Responding to the June 26 decision striking down part of a federal law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, the LCMS issues a statement saying “we are saddened for our nation, even as we call our fellow Christians to faithfulness and prayer.”

Upholding Marriage: God’s Plan and Gift

A statement by the Rev. Bart Day, executive director, Office of National Mission

LCMS ‘tweet chat’ draws dozens of questions about marriage

The LCMS hosts a “tweet chat” on marriage June 19, allowing participants to pose questions and share answers and resources. It was a first for the Synod.

RSO to host conference on same-sex marriage

Dr. Robert P. George will give the keynote at an Aug. 14-15 conference on same-sex attraction and marriage hosted by DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel.